Brace Yourself! Trump is tweeting again.

Like congress, all we can do is accept The Mueller Report and what of it is finally released by Trump’s new Attorney General William Barr.

Congress braces for Mueller findings as Barr and Rosenstein review …


At least Trump is tweeting again, after his forty hour moratorium.

Mr. Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and due back in Washington Sunday evening.

‘When is Trump going to PRISON?’ is what I would like to know!




Clergy says Trump is a LIAR

Trump called out as LIAR

National Cathedral Politely Calls Donald Trump Out For Being the Liar He Is

by Monique Judge

March 22, 2019, 9:30am

National Cathedral Politely Calls Donald Trump Out For Being the Liar …

And TRUMP IS A LIAR!  (That is a proved fact, by God!)

Trump = “Dumb”

Donald Trump is the “worst kind of dumb.”  TRUMP IS STUPID!

George Conway reveals why Donald Trump ‘couldn’t be allowed’ to …


Conway claimed that a lawyer for Trump told him the president “couldn’t be allowed” to talk to Mueller because “he’d lie his ass off.”

He also bashed him for lying “even when it makes no sense to lie” and said “the two keys to understanding Trump” were his “narcissism and compulsive prevarication.” Trump was the “worst kind of dumb,” he added.

Read more truthful factual QUOTES from George Conway’s tweets at the link above.

Then read the link below for CONFIRMATION!

Conway on husband’s feud with Trump: ‘I’m not being asked to choose’

THE WEEK in Trumpland (NeverLand)

THE PAST WEEK in Trumpland

Trump reportedly wants to use a French bank’s confiscated slush fund …

That’s the main link, but these are the HEADLINES below it:

Trump reportedly wants to use a French bank’s confiscated slush fund to build the wall

Hope Hicks will cooperate in House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Trump

EPA chief says unsafe water a bigger crisis than climate change

Woman sues Harvard, alleging the university makes money by exploiting images of slaves

John Kelly is promoting his new paid speaking career with a video of him spreading a false claim

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just shocked everyone by speaking

Trump is mad he ‘didn’t get a thank you’ for giving John McCain the ‘funeral he wanted’

Devin Nunes’ cow Twitter lawsuit has already backfired

Trump and Trumpshit dominates THE WEEK, every week!  

Trump needs to resign or be impeached or something.  Trump is ruining America!

Trump is just like Nixon, only WORSE!

Trump officials prepared to stonewall Democratic oversight demands

Trump doesn’t plan to negotiate with Congress over investigations the way his predecessors did.

By ANITA KUMAR 03/19/2019 05:05 AM EDT

Trump officials prepared to stonewall Democratic oversight demands

That is exactly what Richard M. Nixon tried to do, isn’t it?  That’s where the political use of the term “stonewall” started.

We must ask, Why is it, that:

Trump admires the MOST CORRUPT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD: Vladimir Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, Kim Jong-un to name a few?


Trump models his administration after the most corrupt presidents in the history of America, including Andrew Jackson, Ronald Reagan and Richard M. Nixon?

For example:

These Are the Presidents Who Had the Most Corrupt Cabinets (and How Donald Trump Compares)

These Are the Presidents Who Had the Most Corrupt Cabinets (and … › Culture

TRUMP IS CORRUPT, and stupid too.  Trump is just like Nixon, only Trump is also stupid!

Trump = Draft Dodger vs. McCain = Hero

Here are THE FACTS:

“Trump had a physical exam in September 1968. He had taken one less than two years earlier that did not disqualify him for service as we can tell from his 1-A classification in July 1968. However, his second physical was followed in October with a new classification, 1-Y. That designation put him near the bottom of any call-up list. It meant he would only be drafted if there were a national emergency.”

“Until recently, the only detail on record about that shift was it was medically related. After his comments about McCain, Trump said it had to do with bone spurs in his heels. Trump reportedly was active in college sports, playing baseball, tennis and squash.”

“Trump failed to mention his medical deferment when he told ABC News on July 19, 2015″

source:  Was Trump a ‘draft dodger’? | PunditFact – PolitiFact

FACT:  Trump is a DRAFT DODGER and a cowardly son of a bitch.

FACT:  John McCain was a MILITARY HERO!


Thus endeth the lesson.

Trump Apocalypse!

Trump + Church = APOCALYPSE

Donald Trump Is Out of His Mind, Again

Donald Trump Is Out of His Mind, Again


Trump has never been IN HIS MIND!  Trump is a MINDLESS IDIOT!


If Trump is going to Church, then that is a definite sign THE END IS NEAR!

Get ready for THE APOCALYPSE!

Trump be cray cray!

p.s.  Trump going to Church is all for show,  He does NOT believe in God.  All Trump believes in is GOLD.

Trump is NOT Irish! (Thank God!)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and…  Thank God that Trump is NOT IRISH!

16 minutes that explain the Trump presidency

Trump vs. Beto?  Beto WINS!

Trump vs. Brexit – – and Obama?  Trump LOSES!

Trump vs. his global counterparts?  Trump is the WORST!

Trump vs. Congress?  Nancy WINS!  Although, Mitch is his bitch.  Though Trump didn’t have to pay this bitch (Mitch $130,000 to shut up.)  And, BTW “What you talkin’ ’bout Tillis?”

All that is explained in text and videos.  Trump is fully explained in just 16 minutes.  What a simpleton Trump is.  (That is besides the fact that Trump is a worthless piece of runny orange shit.)

BY THE WAY:  Here is the TRUTH about the latest scandal and it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH so-called “White Privilege”.

Admissions Scandal Unfolds Amid Cynicism About Moral ValuesU.S. News & World Report·1 hour ago

Trump is BOTH a symptom and a CAUSE!  (But at least he’s not Irish!)

Trump is and has always been a beneficiary of “RICH PRIVILEGE” (not White Privilege because Trump is orange.)

What Trump is, is a BIGLY LOSER!

Trump’s FAKE Emergency

Trump’s “Emergency” is a FAKE!

Senate Republicans join Democrats in rejecting Trump’s border …

12 senators break with President Trump, vote to end his border …

Senate Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration, Setting Up …

The headlines and links tell the whole story.  Even the Republicans say Trump is full of shit with regard to his FAKE Emergency.  


Trump tweets ‘VETO!’ after Senate votes to block his border …

So what!  Trump was going to VETO something anyway.  After all, the Republicans aren’t in the majority in both houses of congress anymore.  

For example:

House unanimously passes resolution calling for Mueller report on …

That means all the Democrats and all the Republicans in The House of Representatives voted together to have the Mueller Investigation Report of the Trump Campaign, describing potential Collusion with the Russians, released.  ALL REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS voted together to release this report that may prove Trump is a crook!  Trump can’t VETO that!

The TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it Trumpy?