I doubt it!

Trump’s Tall Tales Have Finally Caught Up With Him

Investors pull $140 million from merger deal with Trump’s Truth Social

Trump and DeSantis: Once allies, now in simmering rivalry with 2024 nearing

Trump TOLD more than THIRTY-THOUSAND LIES in less than four years, and this is the one that tripped him up?  I seriously DOUBT IT!  There are FOOLS out there who will continue to believe all his stupid LIES!

updates from Donald Trump’s visit to Wilmington


Trump holds rally in North Carolina


Trump Rally Security Tells Supporters to Stop the QAnon Finger Raising

‘Trump Is a Messianic Figure in the QAnon Calls’

How a Trump soundtrack became a QAnon phenomenon


Why New York state is suing Trump instead of charging him with crimes

Trump’s potential 2024 plans hit complication in NY fraud lawsuit

Are the walls really closing in on Trump this time?

Maybe!  Remember, we ALL said Trump would NEVER be elected in 2016!  Yet he was!  (Even though he cheated and the Russians helped him, a lot.)

Trump Claims He Declassified Documents. Why Don’t His Lawyers Say So in Court?

‘Abracadabra’: Late night mocks Trump’s declassifying claim

Opinion | This Threat to Democracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight

He’s not even HIDING!  He is a THREAT in PLAIN SIGHT!

GANGSTERS!  (Monsters!)

Trump & Putin are MONSTERS!!!

DONALD (Trump) is DISGUSTING!  (Rancid Repukelicker.)

Trump Claims He Declassified Documents, but His Lawyers Don’t

Dumb-shit Donald Did NOT Declassify ANYTHING, because he couldn’t!  (He THINKS therefore he do!  BULLSHIT!)

Top GOP senators reject Trump’s declassification comments and call for proper storage of secret records

Jimmy Kimmel Jeers at Trump for Claiming to Declassify Documents With His Mind

Trump Is One Day Away From Claiming Biden Used Witchcraft to Reclassify the Documents He Claims He Declassified

Even the TOP SOP of The GOP know he’s a liar!  Yet, the STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON EARTH (Trump supporters) have NOT figured it out yet, because they are so DUMB!

Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds

Trump’s strategy in the classified documents case is quickly crumbling

Special master in Trump Mar-a-Lago document case asks for help from retired federal judge

They’ll eventually figure it out.  The DUMB-ASSES!

Trump’s legal woes mount without protection of presidency

As Trump’s Legal Woes Mount, So Do Financial Pressures on Him

They just need to READ THE FACTS!  (Trump is a DISGUSTING LOSER.)



THE FACT IS: Only one thing on Earth is more DISGUSTING than Trump.  The RANCID RUSSIAN PUTIN!

CONCLUSION:  KILL PUTIN Now, and Trump too (as a bonus)!

Staggering Fraud and FAKENESS! (Trump)

STAGGERING FRAUD!  (Not just regular fraud but STAGGERING FRAUD and FAKENESS!)

New York attorney general lawsuit accuses Trump of ‘staggering’ fraud

Late Night Examines New York’s Accusing Trump of ‘Staggering’ Fraud

NY attorney general sues Donald Trump, family and company

The Trump Organization Is Fraud All the Way Down

New York civil fraud suit could bring down the Trump Organization

Michael Cohen says NY probe will ‘terminate’ the Trump Organization

Breaking down new lawsuit against Trump and his family

Dual legal blows hammer Trump


Appeals Court Frees Justice Dept. to Use Sensitive Files Seized From Trump

Trump docs probe: Court lifts hold on Mar-a-Lago records

Trump suffers setback as appeals panel rejects Cannon ruling

Aww!  Twumpy had a BAD DAY!

Judge Cannon ruled for Trump. Fellow Trump-nominated judges decimated her order.

The Inside Joke That Became Trump’s Big Lie

Trump ally Tom Barrack used access to White House to help foreign government, prosecutor says

Who the heck is Tom Barrack?

What Trump really has on his mind!

Donald J. Trump is a THING (and a rapist)!

In spite of ALL his faults, Donald J. Trump is also a RAPIST!

E. Jean Carroll says she will sue Trump under NY law for sexual assault and wants his deposition

E. Jean Carroll, Who Says Trump Raped Her, Plans to Use New Law to Prove It

What do we mean “ALL his faults”?

Trump has failed to show he declassified docs seized from Mar-a-Lago, DOJ tells appeals court

Trump’s Lawyers Skirt Question of Declassification in Documents Case

Arbiter in Trump docs probe signals intent to move quickly

Donald J. Trump is more than just a “flawed human being”. Trump is NOT even HUMAN!  He is DEFECTIVE, and probably not HUMAN anyway!

Donald J. Trump is a THING!

Some people like to think they are as good as THE THING!

DeSantis leads Trump among Florida Republicans for 2024: Suffolk poll

McConnell came closer than first reported to voting to convict Trump: book

All REPUBLICANS are THINGS it seems!  The party of “THE THINGS”!

New York attorney general files civil fraud lawsuit against Trump, some of his children and his business

Donald Trump, 3 of his children sued for business fraud by New York AG

New York AG Letitia James announces lawsuit of Donald Trump, his company and family members over fraud claims

FINALLY!  It’s about damn time, because TRUMP IS A FRAUD!  While Putin is AGAIN threatening NUCLEAR WAR!  What a couple of ASSHOLES!

Trump is TRASH! TRASH TRUMP! (Or Flush him.)

I know!

Trump Says He Would’ve Had Better Seat Than Biden at Queen’s Funeral

Let’s hold a FUNERAL for Donald J. Trump.

But he’s still alive!

Yah, but that can be changed, quick enough!  Besides, we can always bury Trump alive anyway.  Who would know?  Who would even care?  I know I would not!

He can have the best seat in the house.  IN THE BOX!

I have a perfect spot for Donald Trump.  In the middle of any major city landfill will do.  Trump is pure GARBAGE anyway.  (And no one will be required to attend the funeral.  Just dump some more TRASH over Trump and he’s done.  TRUMP TRASH!). Either bury him or just flush him.  Both are appropriate.

It’s NOT about YOU dumb Donald!  It’s never been about YOU!

Trump discovers he’s not in Cannon-land anymore

Special Master expresses skepticism with Trump team’s assertions

Special Master Has a Simple Test That May Be Disaster for Trump

Trump continues to muddy the waters on whether documents seized from Mar-a-Lago are classified

Trump legal team admits possibility that ex-president could be charged

Trump team says it doesn’t want to immediately disclose certain ‘declassification’ information in special master review

Donald Trump is (still) very unpopular

New footage confirms fake Trump elector spent hours inside Georgia elections office day it was breached

Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment

DUH!  Duuuuuuuuuuuh!  DumbDonald!

Who is ‘Orange Jesus’ and why is he trending? Spoiler alert: It’s Trump

Cheney says GOP leaders are treating Trump like a ‘king’ by defending him in Mar-a-Lago probe

Videos Show Trump Allies Handling Georgia Voting Equipment

Campaign Report — Republicans’ Trump problem

Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled a new generation of social media influencers

Rep. Liz Cheney Reveals How Trump-Supporting Lawmaker Ripped Him Behind His Back

GOP colleague mocked ‘Orange Jesus’ Trump on Jan. 6, says Rep. Cheney

Cheney: On Jan. 6, fellow House member objecting to election called Trump ‘the orange Jesus’

Donald J. Trump IS “The Orange Jesus” though he’s really much closer to the Anti-Christ!

By The Way, The Union Of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics was all about COMMUNISM.  Trump LOVES the USSR, and COMMUNISM!  The Union Of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics was NOT a Union.  It was NOT about Republics.  It was NOT NOT NOT SOCIALIST, but the Russians liked SOCIALISM so much that they hid their real COMMUNIST MANIFESTO behind it and called themselves SOCIALISTS!  NAZIs were NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, or at least they called themselves that.  We all know that NAZIs were really FASCISTS!  QAnon is a New type of COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!  Chock full of LIES!  Trump is Chock full of lies.  Trump is a COMMUNIST DICK!  

The REAL Invisible enemy is COMMUNISM.  A January 6th sign carried by a dumbass rioter to the insurrection on the Capitol Building.  “HANG MIKE PENCE!”  

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung-Un, Xi Jinping, and all the rest are REAL VISIBLE COMMUNISTS!  Cuba, Vietnam, Laos are COMMUNIST just like TRUMPLAND would be!


Trump NUTS, are TRUCK NUTZ! (Oh balls!)

When hasn’t TRUMP RAGED?

Trump raged about FBI agents not removing shoes while searching his room

Trump complains Mar-a-Lago bedroom carpets ruined by FBI as Biden attends Queen’s funeral

Former President Donald Trump arrives at his Mar-a-Lago home Sunday night

If indicted over Mar-a-Lago search, Trump warned of ‘big problems’


Former GOP lawmaker reacts to Trump’s ‘humiliating’ speech

You mean TRUMP’s HUMILIATING speech?  Trump is INCITEFUL when he OPENS HIS MOUTH!

Trump Rally Plays Music Resembling QAnon Song, and Crowds React

Trump rally plays music resembling QAnon song, and crowds react

QAnon and on, and on, and on, and ad infinitum  Where do the TRUMP INVESTIGATIONS stand?

Where 6 Investigations Into Donald Trump Stand

Trump ALLIES!  (What Trump allies.  You must mean his DUPES!)

Trump ally’s trial on foreign agent charges to start with jury selection

Donald Trump humiliated J.D. Vance for fun

You mean Trump NUTS!  As in TRUCK NUTS!  FAKE FUCKS!

Trumpism IS Fascism!

Trump is FASCISM!  (Trumpism = NAZIism.  Trump is The New Adolf Hitler!). THAT is a FACT!

‘Welcome to fascism’: Top Arizona Republican blasts Trump-backed candidates who might try to overturn future elections

Trump Rally Plays Music Resembling QAnon Song, and Crowds React

Trump ‘Deliberately Stoking’ Violence, Courting QAnon, Professor Says

VIDEO: QAnon song plays as Trump speaks, MAGA supporters give one finger salute

These Trump-Backed Candidates Won’t Promise to Accept Election Results

‘Shootings, Stabbings, Rapes, Carjackings.’ Trump Brings Roadshow to Ohio, Trashes America

Trump rallies for Vance — and himself — in Ohio

Trump mocks J.D. Vance, saying the Ohio GOP candidate is trying to get on his good side

Which is it?  Is Trump supporting Vance or mocking him?

Trump claims he invented the word ‘caravans’

Whichever it is, Trump is LYING AGAIN!

Ex-prosecutor: Trump lawyers can ‘wear down the government’ and get away with ‘damage’

“Justice DELAYED is justice DENIED!”   Demand ‘JUSTICE’ for TRUMP the ASSHOLE!  TRUMP THE FASCIST!


Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” 

Trace Adkins says appearing on Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ was ‘most stressful thing’ he’s ever done

was at least as stressful as his FAKE PRESIDENCY!

Ryan rolls out ad mocking Vance ahead of Trump rally, OSU game


Democrats Buoyed by Abortion and Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds


Ex-CIA officer calls judge’s ruling in Trump case ‘silly’


Justice Department asks appeals court to block Trump judge’s Mar-a-Lago ruling

after all, 

Trump team claimed boxes at Mar-a-Lago were only news clippings


Who is Raymond Dearie, the special master reviewing Trump documents?

Trump’s proposed and DOJ’s accepted ‘SPECIAL MASTER’?

Why do we even need a ’SPECIAL MASTER’ if the documents were only “NEWS CLIPPINGS”?

Is Donald J. Trump LYING AGAIN?  (Yes.  Of course.  Really!  Lying is all that Trump can do.  Trump LIES ALL THE TIME!   About everything.  Trump is a LIAR!  That’s a true TRUTH!)

Donald Trump was asked what would happen to the country if he were indicted. His answer is something else.

Who really cares what Trump says?  He’s NOTHING butt a BIGLY FATLY LIAR!

Donald J. Trump is as much an ATROCITY as Vladimir Putin.  PUT THEM BOTH TO GRUESOME EXISTENCES!  Bread & water in a Communist GULAG for the remainder of their stupid worthless lives!

Ron DeSantis’ is handily beating Trump in the 2024 money hunt

Florida’s Ron DeSantis is on the cusp of raising more than any governor — ever

Compare Trump & DeSantis on Campaign Spending

Rally With Trump? Some G.O.P. Candidates Aren’t Thrilled About It.

and Lindsey Graham said Trump is a MOTHER———- How would Lindsey know, he has never fucked a MOTHER in his life,  Linda prefers to have little boys fuck him the ass.  Lindsey (or is it Linda Graham) is a BOTTOM!  (Besides, DeSantis will never win the presidency.  America can’t be THAT stupid, again.)

Trump is FULL OF SHIT! FOX even says so!

Even FOX and their POLLS favor Biden over Trump and the FBI over lawlessness!

Fox News Poll: 65% say Trump was wrong to take documents

Trump said to North Korea:

Trump Promises an ‘Event the Likes of Which Nobody’s Ever … › … › Politics

That was BEFORE he ‘FELL IN LOVE’ with Kim Jong-un.

Now Trump says:

Trump warns of ‘problems’ like ‘we’ve never seen’ if he’s indicted › news › 2022/09/15 › trump…

This COUNTRY has seen a CIVIL WAR!  FOX NEWS says 65% of REPUBLICANS think Trump was WRONG to steal the Secret and Top Secret documents and transport them to Mar-a-Logo and then keep many of them AFTER Trump had his lawyers LIUE and say they had given them all back.



Trump is FULL OF SHIT. (The likes of which we have NEVER seen before!  Trump is THAT FULL OF SHIT!!!)!

Trump is such a FATUOUS FOOL!

Trump wanted GREENland because the firm that made his favorite shade of ORANGE skin concealer, wanted him to trade it for brown Puerto Rico.

Cosmetics Billionaire Convinced Trump That the U.S. Should Buy Greenland

Donald Trump Reportedly Wanted to Trade Puerto Rico for Greenland

Estée Lauder Heir Convinced Trump to Wage a (Very Serious) Effort to Buy Greenland

That was the EXTENT of Trump’s knowledge of the ORANGE vs. the GREEN!  He really seemed to “think” (if you can call what he was doing “Thinking”) that buying GREENland by an ORANGE guy – would solve the Protestant/Catholic problems in Ireland. Trump had his own “TROUBLES” then, mostly because he could NOT read!  (They say he’s a reader now, but we doubt it a lot!)

Trump warns of ‘problems’ like ‘we’ve never seen’ if he’s indicted

How many times has TRUMP LIED to us before?  (About a hundred-thousand.)

How many times has Trump trotted out that crap “like you have never seen before!”  (About a hundred-thousand.)

Trump is a LIAR and a fool!  How many times have we ever seen “the likes of which you have never seen before”?  NONE!  Not from Trump anyway, because he is a FATUOUS LIAR the likes of which you have never seen before!  (Trump is a silly and pointless fool!  Seriously!)

Trump makes flirty comment about Melania as he pushes her Christmas baubles

Another set of LIES from TRUMP.  (Diamonds are NOT forever, as far as Melania goes.  Trump will sell them if it keeps his FAT BUTT out of prison.  Too bad Melania, or is it Melanie?)

Apparently Trump CAN’T BUY HIS WAY OUT this time!

NY Attorney General May Sue Trump After Rejecting Settlement Offer

New York attorney general may sue Trump after rejecting ex-president’s settlement offer in fraud probe

NOT THIS TIME!  (Trump may be doing HARD TIME.)

Putin meets with Xi Jinping!

DeSantis, Abbott, Trump = DAT Scum!