Trump COULD WIN! (Again.)

Bannon is OLD BAGGAGE for Trump, so he should know what’s NOT IN THE BAG!

Bannon on 2020 race: ‘Trump is a closer’ but his reelection ‘is not in the bag’

Bannon on 2020 race: ‘Trump is a closer’ but his reelection ‘is not in the bag’

The thing is, the Democrats better NOT pay any attention to Bannon or any of the TRUMP SAND BAGGERS.  The Democrats needs to proceed as if Trump will be re-elected.

Nothing is “In the bag” as we know from the 2016 Election when almost all the Pollsters said Hillary Clinton had that election “IN THE BAG”.  Even Trump believed them.

Is President Hillary sitting in The White House today?

The Russians did NOT believe them, and may have been the only ones, as they are certainly the biglyest reason Trump is in The White House now. 

The 2016 election was NOT “IN THE BAG” for Hillary.

Bannon may be right that the 2020 election is NOT “IN THE BAG: for Trump.

But one thing is certain:  We MUST GET RID OF TRUMP, therefore we can NOT take any chances or let our guard down.  We have to assume Trump will win, in order the BEAT his wrinkled Orange Ass!




Is Donald Trump an “IDIOT”?

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We could go on and on and on!  Everyone, from Trump’s friends to his enemies, frenemies, rivals and people who don’t even know Trump all believe that DONALD TRUMP IS AN IDIOT!


Some think he is a “useful idiot” for the Russians.  (We’re sure Vladimir Putin believes that.)  Others think he is just a plain old ordinary idiot or a ‘fucking moron’ like his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him.

Trump’s own international lover, Kim Jong-Un publically called him a “Dotard” which is a thesaurical way of saying Trump is a doddering old fool of an idiot.

Trump is an IDIOT.

There is just NO BOUT A DOUBT IT!

Please feel free to share this in Twitter with the hashtag:


or simply


Trump is OBVIOUS!

Trump is SO OBVIOUS!  Why doesn’t everyone see it?

OBVIOUSLY, Trump LOVES Putin, because of all the people in the world Trump has never ever said a negative word about Putin.  Never once has Trump ever said anything negative about Putin.  In fact, Trump has taken Putin’s word over the professional advice and reporting of all his National Security Agencies when Putin said Russia did not “meddle” in American elections and we know they did!

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is a WHITE SUPREMACIST because he himself has said that the NAZIs and the White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia were “Good People”.  That was not THE FAKE MEDIA, those were Trump’s own words.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is a RACIST, because he helps WHITE PEOPLE and locks up brown people, or allows other brown people who are Americans in Puerto Rico DIE.  He helps the WHITE PEOPLE in Texas and Florida, but lets the BROWN AMERICAN PEOPLE DIE in Puerto Rico.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is a CROOK.  Why else would he HIDE his TAX RETURNS from public view.  If he has nothing to hide, then hide nothing.  Why else did he SETTLE a lawsuit regarding the FAKE Trump University?  Why!  Because TRUMP IS A CROOK!

OBVIOUSLY, Trump has a great deal to hide.  He not only hides his Tax Returns he hides his college transcripts and everything else he can hide, because TRUMP IS A CROOK!  Why else would he PAY OFF a Porn Star and a Playboy Bunny for his illicit affairs while still married to Melania.  (Note that he cheated on both his previous wives as well)

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is a LIAR.  He is on record for lying over TWELVE THOUSAND TIMES just since he took his current Oath of Office, which he LIED THEN TOO with his hand on top of a BIBLE.  Why else would he claim he was going to “SUE” all the women (more than twenty) who made sexual misconduct allegations against him during the 2015-2016 campaign, but he has NOT sued a single one of them so far.  Not a one!

OBVIOUSLY, Trump HATES CLEAN AIR, because he is stripping California of its RIGHT to enforce CLEAN AIR STANDARDS.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump HATES CLEAN WATER because he has done NOTHING WHATSOEVER to clean up the water in Flint Michigan, and now in Newark, New Jersey.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump wants to be a DICTATOR because he loves DICTATORS and has nothing but contempt for legally elected Democratic Leaders world-wide.  Trump would love to be DICTATOR FOR LIFE of TRUMPMERICA or TRUMPLAND or whatever he plans to rename our country when he hands it over to Russia as a satellite nation of the new COMMUNIST SOVIET UNION that Putin is hoping to recreate.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is an idiot because he cannot keep names and dates and anything correct in his head.  He constantly mis-speaks because he is an IDIOT!  The “Tallahassee Trail” rather than “Appalachian Trail”?  And so many examples of the really stupid stuff that come out of his face.

OBVIOUSLY, Trump is mentally ill, because there is no other reason or explanation for how really stupid and selfish he is.  As Ted Cruz once said, “Trump is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!”  That was not FAKE NEWS that was Ted Cruz.  As many have said Trump is a narcissistic fool.  He is stuck on himself, and that is a mental sickness he needs serious psychological help with.

There are so many OBVIOUS things about Trump that are NOT FAKE NEWS.  They are realities.  Why can’t everyone see that?  Why does Trump still have a base of support?

The sad truth is that Trump’s base of support is made up of sick racists and crooks just like Trump.  They have some trait that Trump also has, so they can relate to it, to him, and support him because he is like they are.


HOPEFULLY there are more GOOD PEOPLE IN AMERICA than there are Trump-like scumbags.

HOPEFULLY we will be able to VOTE HIM OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE and he will have to leave.

HOPEFULLY Trump will leave, and not pull a ‘Maduro’ like we have seen in Venezuela.

HOPEFULLY Trump will be prosecuted for his many MANY CRIMES against America and HUMANITY.

HOPEFULLY Trump will be locked-up for the rest of his miserable life in a prison.

HOPEFULLY whatever wealth Trump has will be taken away from him and his family and given back to those he stole it from.


Get Trump’s TAXES!

Get Trump’s TAXES!  

By whatever means. 

Whomsoever can get them.

It does not matter who gets his taxes JUST GET THEM NOW and IMPEACH THAT BASTARD FOR THE LIAR THAT HE IS!

8 Years of Trump Tax Returns Are Subpoenaed by Manhattan D.A.

Subpoenas do NOT work with Trump.  He just IGNORES THEM and nobody seems to have the balls to ENFORCE THEM against Trump.

Why NOT?

Is all of American politics made up of GUTLESS SIMPLETONS who knuckle-under the Trump?  Do they all think that if you piss off Trump then you PISS OFF PUTIN, and no -one has the guts to PISS OFF PUTIN!

What is WRONG with these people?

Andy McCarthy: Manhattan district attorney ‘politicizing state law’ by going after Trump tax returns

Maybe The Manhattan District Attorney has the GUTS.  We hope so,  because nobody else seems to have the guts.  Then there are the ass-kissers like The National Review, FOX and other CONSERVATIVE liars who are so busy kissing Trump’s BIGLY ORANGE ASS and just making it that much harder to do a simple damn thing like …


If they can’t even get his taxes, no wonder they don’t have the balls to IMPEACH HIM!


Trump seems to be more upset about these latest allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, than even Kavanaugh is.

President Donald Trump on Monday tore into The New York Times after the newspaper updated its report about accusations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to clarify…

. . .

Trump, who had recommended over the weekend that Kavanaugh “should start suing people for libel.” fired off multiple tweets attacking the newspaper for the update.

. . .

Kavanaugh did not speak to the Times due to a disagreement over the terms of a possible interview, according to the report. Kavanaugh reportedly declined to answer questions about the new allegation.

Trump rages after New York Times updates story to say alleged Kavanaugh victim ‘does not recall’ incident

What’s the deal?  What is eating Gilbert Grape?  Or rather: What is Eating Trump on Rape?

One has to conclude that Trump is upset for Kavanaugh ONLY because Trump knows he CAN’T sue any of the more than twenty women who made statements during the 2015-2016 campaign, about his own SEXUAL MISCONDUCT.  Since Trump CAN’T SUE THEM, because they are telling the TRUTH and Trump is a LIAR, then Trump goes on his FAKE PROTEST for Brett “The Beer Lover” Kavanaugh.  (Trump is probably wrong there too.)

As Shakespeare wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks!”

Trump is “the lady”.  Except, he’s not even a “lady” he’s a lying scum-bum sack-of-shit, and so is Beer-Lover Brett!  (Like two PEES in the PEE-PEE TAPE PODcast.)

Trump, Kavanaugh & SEX!

Trump is giving advice to Kavanaugh?


Trump the liar, who never tells the truth even when he said he was going to sue all those woman who accused Trump of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT after the campaign, but Trump has NOT sued a single one of them!  (Trump who claims he doesn’t drink alcohol is giving advice to “Beer Lover Brett”!)


Trump says Justice Brett Kavanaugh should ‘start suing people’ after new report of sexual misconduct

Trump says Justice Brett Kavanaugh should ‘start suing people’ after new report of sexual misconduct

Trump stands up for Brett Kavanaugh over ‘liable’

Trump stands up for Brett Kavanaugh over ‘liable’

Somebody needs to tell Trump that it’s NOT “liable’ if it’s the TRUTH.  That’s why we have laws and courts.  To determine what is TRUTH or not if two parties HONESTLY disagree.  If it is a lie then Kavanaugh can sue.  But if it is the TRUTH then Kavanaugh won’t sue.  If Kavanaugh does NOT sue then he basically admits it is the TRUTH, and then Julian Castro is correct: Kavanaugh should be IMPEACHED off the Supreme Court.  (For Example:  Obviously all those women were correct about Trump and his sexual misconduct, which is why Trump has never sued any of them.  Impeach Trump!)

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh after sexual misconduct allegations resurface

A new book by two New York Times reporters says there was more to an allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh than the Senate hearing uncovered.

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh after sexual misconduct allegations resurface

Trump jumps to Kavanaugh’s defense amid new sex misconduct claims

Trump jumps to Kavanaugh’s defense amid new sex misconduct claims

Honestly, the LAST PERSON I would ever want to jump to my defense amid new sex misconduct claims would be ‘Mr. Sexual Misconduct “grab ’em by the pussy” Trump!’  Brett needs to tell Trump to back off, and get out of the story, because Trump only makes Kavanaugh seem MORE GUILTY!  (We already know Trump is GUILTY!)


Warren: Kavanaugh ‘should be impeached’ just like Trump | TheHill

I hope it does go to trial, and that the TRUTH comes out, because then Kavanaugh can be IMPEACHED along with Trump!

p.s.  When is Trump going to ever sue any of the many (over twenty) women who accused him of sexual impropriety during the 2015-2016 campaign?  When?  Until Trump sues somebody, he should keep his damn LYING mouth shut about anyone else suing anyone over similar charges.  Why?  Because until Trump sues someone, then he tacitly admits all the allegations are true.  ALL OF THEM!  Trump is SCUM!!!  Cosby Trump’s ass and IMPEACH Trump and Kavanaugh too!  Then throw them in prison with Cosby!

Prosecute Trump (after we IMPEACH him)!

Prosecute Trump after he’s out of office, but …



First things first.  Get Trump out of Our White House, then prosecute him and throw his ass in prison!

Eric Holder says Trump is subject to prosecution after leaving office | TheHill

And Ignore Holder about cautioning anyone about prosecuting Trump.

Holder cautions against potentially prosecuting Trump post presidency

PROSECUTE TRUMP all the way to PRISON, but FIRST …


Trump: a “stable genius”? No.

This is OLD new news.


Trump tweets he is a “stable genius”.  Again.  Out of the blue.

Donald Trump Randomly Tweets ‘Stable Genius’ Boast And People Are Puzzled

“Isn’t this something he said about himself?” asked one person on Twitter.

Donald Trump Randomly Tweets ‘Stable Genius’ Boast And People Are Puzzled

“People” should NOT be “puzzled”.  Trump is just fucking crazy!  We thought everyone already knew that.

Did Trump finally read our Blog for this past May?  (That was almost 4 full months ago.)


Go read it again (it’s quite clever):


Trump’s NEW Song

All we have to say is …


(That’s a real “stable genius” thing to tweet.)


Orange Trump Rants!

The Dems debate while Trump rants!

As Democrats debated, Trump was ranting about how energy efficient lightbulbs make him ‘look orange’, [in his vain attempt to draw people’s attention away from the Democratic Debate].

As Democrats debated, Trump was ranting about how energy efficient lightbulbs make him ‘look orange’

‘I always look orange’: Trump says energy-efficient light bulbs not a good look for president

Trump: I look orange, but so do you because of energy-efficient light bulbs

Lightbulbs do NOT make Trump look “orange”.  It does not matter if they are “Energy Efficient” or not.  Besides that, just because he thinks some lightbulbs may make him look orange (which they don’t) that is still NOT a good enough reason to roll-back energy saving legislation that was put in place for a better reason than just because they make Trump look orange.  That reason only PROVES Trump’s own SELFISHNESS and NARCISSISM.

Spray Tan makes Trump look ORANGE.

Trump is more orange than an orangutan, and twice as dumb!  (No offense meant to orangutans.  Just that orangutans are smarter than Trump, but then again, who or what isn’t.  A piece of wet cardboard is smarter than Trump.)

Maybe that’s why a lot of people refer to Trump as a “Cheeto-faced Orange Shitgibbon!”

The origin of the Trump insult “shitgibbon,” revealed. › culture › 2017/02 › the-origin-of-the-trump-insult-shitgi…

Perhaps they were thinking Orangutan, but said Shitgibbon instead.

Either way, it’s not the lighting that makes Trump look ORANGE!  No amount of lighting, or kind of lighting could keep Trump from looking ugly and orange!

But, here are Donald Trump’s EXCUSES for the FACT that: TRUMP LOOKS ORANGE!  “AND YOU DO TOO” according to Trump!  (You probably didn’t know YOU look orange, but Trump says you do.  Here’s a fact: Trump looks orange because he is orange.  He is Oompa Loompa orange!  The difference being that Trump is not associated with Willy Wonka, as he is probably more of a willy wanker.)

Trump on Why He Doesn’t Like Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs: “I Always Look Orange”

Trump blames LED lightbulbs for making him look orange

Donald Trump Blames His Orange Skin on Lightbulbs

Trump Solves the Mystery Behind His Peculiar Orange Hue: ‘The Light’s No Good. I Always Look Orange’

Here’s Trump’s explanation for why he looks orange

Donald Trump blames lightbulbs for his orange hue – video

Trump blames ‘orange’ appearance on energy-efficient lightbulbs

Trump explains his distinctive orange hue: it’s the lightbulbs

FACTS are FACTS. Trump is a LIAR!

Facts ARE Facts: Trump is a LIAR!  That is a FACT!


Fact check: Trump makes six false claims in tweets on why he shouldn’t be impeached

Fact check: Trump makes six false claims in tweets on why he shouldn’t be impeached


Everyone is entitled to have their own OPINION, but NO ONE is entitled to make-up their own FACTS.


The FACT IS Donald Trump is a LIAR!

That is not a Kellyanne ‘Con-Artist’ Conway “Alternative Fact”.  It is a stone cold FACT!  It is the TRUTH!

Like it or not …