Donald Trump: TRAITOROUS Amerikan Kompromat ASS HAT!

Donald J. Trump is, was and always will be …

“American Kompromat,” Unger interviewed Yuri Shvets, who told him that the KGB manipulated Trump with simple flattery. “In terms of his personality, the guy is not a complicated cookie,” he said, “his most important characteristics being low intellect coupled with hyperinflated vanity. This makes him a dream for an experienced recruiter.”

An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?.

NO WONDER TRUMP was the way he was!  Trump was, and STILL IS a TRAITOR to America.  Trump was and still is a COMMUNIST STOOGE!  Trump was and still is a USEFUL IDIOT!  (Although by now he is more of an IDIOT and less USEFUL to even the Russians.)

Vladimir Putin and his Russians called Trump an “asset”, whereas REAL Americans called Trump and ASS HAT!

Trump pissed-off American allies, and allied himself to America’s enemies.  Thank GOD American Voters gave themselves an ENEMA and SHIT OUT TRUMP THE TURD!  

Trump once proposed a joint U.S. Russian CYBER-SECURITY Deal, but when that fell through the Russians launched ANOTHER CYBER ATTACK against America, thanks to TRUMP!

Shvets told Unger that the KGB cultivated Trump as an American leader, and persuaded him to run his ad attacking American alliances.

Didn’t have to “cultivate” much.  All the Russians needed to do was sprinkle more bullshit on Trump and he grew to be a SOVIET ASS HAT.

Send the TRUMPS to PRISON!

Trump is being SUED!

Pending Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump.

Sooeee!  Sooeee!  Here PIG PIG PIG TRUMPY!

And Trump does NOT pay his TAXES!

Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance.

Conclusion:  Trump is probably GOING TO JAIL!

Donald Trump’s Odds of Staying Out of Prison Are Rapidly Dwindling.

Can Cyrus Vance, Jr., Nail Trump?

Well, if Cy can’t – there are plenty of others who can!

Trump has TROUBLE with TRUTH

The FACT is:

Embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is denied a meeting with Trump.

Trump goes after Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors.

Exclusive: John Boehner says Donald Trump ‘abused’ his loyalists by lying to them.

“Exclusive” MY ASS,  Johnny is ONLY stating THE OBVIOUS!  Trump SHITS ON those who helped him.

Republicans are stuck with a Trump ball and chain.

Gaetz was denied meeting with Trump: CNN | TheHill.

Trump tightens grip on GOP while Biden bets on expanding federal power.

More PROOF that TRUMP IS A POOF!  (As in Poof-Butt!)

Trump Lashes His Enemies Anew as G.O.P. Dances Around His Presence.

Gaetz challenges report that he was denied a meeting with Trump.

What’s Gaetz going to do but “Deny and Lie” just like Trump does!

Former Trump lawyer apologizes to ex-CISA head Chris Krebs for “inappropriate statements”.

All former Trump lawyers need to APOLOGIZE for that bigly orange asshole!

Chris Wallace Challenges Greg Abbott: You Were Silent on Trump’s Migrant Abuses.

And then there’s GREG.

Go Trumpy! GO! Destroy The Republican Party you NUMBNUT!


Former President Donald Trump again lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., calling the top Republican a “dumb son of a b—-” and a “stone cold loser” amid a lengthy rant at a Republican donor event Saturday night in which he also reiterated his false claims of electoral victory last fall.

Trump curses McConnell’s name during rant at Republican donor event.

Trump goes after Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors.

Trump slashes at McConnell as he reiterates election falsehoods at Republican event.

Trump Lashes His Enemies Anew as G.O.P. Dances Around His Presence.

Trump goes after McConnell, Fauci in off-script Mar-a-Lago speech.

Trump repeats election lies and insults McConnell in front of RNC donors in Palm Beach.

Well, here’s some NEWS for TRUMP.  

McConnell WON his RE-ELECTION, Trump LOST!

Mike Pence was a better president than Donald Trump ever was.

Doctor Anthony Fauci was CORRECT and Trump was WRONG and BIZARRE!

Trump is a LIAR.  McConnell is an obstructionist calling himself “The Grim Reaper.”

BOTH Trump and McConnell are 

Republican ASSHOLES, both

Vying for the leadership of the Republican Party.

GOP donors privately pan Trump’s ‘horrible’ RNC speech – POLITICO.

Always REMEMBER what ABRAHAM LINCOLN (the first Republican president) once said:  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  (By the way, if Lincoln were alive today, he’d probably be a Democrat.)

‘That is obviously false’: CNN reporter on Trump supporter’s attempt to rewrite history.



Chris Wallace Challenges Greg Abbott: You Were Silent on Trump’s Migrant Abuses.

Fox’s Chris Wallace Asks Texas Gov. Why He Never Complained About Border Under Trump.

Greg Abbott (Governor of Texas) is a typical TrumpTurd liar.  He is actually helping to destroy the Republican Party.  Go Greg Go!



Trump predicts GOP will retake Congress in 2022 and White House in 2024 in speech to party donors.

Just another TRUMP LIE!

Trump is so FULL OF SHIT.

The ONLY TRUE THING ABOUT TRUMP is that, Everything Trump touches DIES!

If I were a Republican (instead of fiercely independent like I am) I would get rid of Trump ASAP.  I would also get rid of Abbott, Gaetz, Graham, Greene, Boebert, McCarthy, Collins, Cruz and a whole bunch of other Republican ASSHOLES!  But I’m NOT, so I WON’T, but I will just say “the entire Republican Party can GO TO HELL”!

Trump should be in PRISON not Mar-A-Lago!

About four hundred people have now been arrested or charged with the January 6th INSURRECTION RIOT at The Capitol Building in Washington D.C.



Why isn’t Donald Trump IN PRISON!


Donald Trump and his INACTION against the COVID-19 virus is GUILTY OF MURDER.  At least some of those FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND (Over ONE HALF A MILLION) Americans are DEAD because of Donald Trump and his lies!

Donald Trump ROBBED MONEY from his donors, and he is continuing to steal it now with his GRIFTING CHECK BOXES in the fine print of the emails BEGGING FOR THEIR DONATIONS!  Donald Trump is NOT going to run for president in 2024.  He knows he would lose!  He just wants THE MONEY he can get from his DUMMIES by telling them he may run and they must contribute or they will be TOLD ON to Trump that they DEFECTED to the Democrats.  BULLSHIT!

Trump should be IN JAIL!

Trump supporters should be locked up in RUBBER ROOMS so they don’t hurt themselves any further.

Trump is an ASSHOLE.

Trump Supporters are DUMBASSES!

Matt Gaetz and all the Republicans who support Trump are SHITHEADS!

They are all a bunch of worthless TURDS!

This is what Donald J. Trump IS!
















JUST some of the words to describe Donald J. Trump and his Trumpistas!

This Trump backer defended the Jan. 6 riot in print — without mentioning he was in the Capitol.

John Merrill out, Mo Brooks wins Trump insurrectionist orange slime of approval.

US reinstates hundreds of millions in funding to Palestinians, reversing Trump decision.

Trump adviser Giuliani asks judge to throw out $1.3 billion lawsuit over his ‘big lie’ election claims.

GOP committee: unchecking recurring donation box ‘defecting’ from Trump.

Corporate America isn’t welcoming former Trump Cabinet officials with open arms, headhunters say.

Trump is a GRIFTER!  

A grifter is a con artist: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud.

If there’s one type of person you don’t want to trust, it’s a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things a grifter might do. The difference between a grifter and a thief is a grifter tricks you out of money through lies, while the thief takes it by force. The end result is the same.

grifter – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com › dictionary › grifter

GOP Goes Full Psychopath, Threatens to “Tell Trump” About Supporters Who Won’t Pony Up Donations.

Trump has his ‘Bitch’ in ‘Moscow Mitch’ & others, all mothers!

TRUMP is putting the number 45 on his stuff now, instead of his stupid name!  This is NOTHING NEW for Trump, who has been putting ’45’ on things ever since he was in The White House.

“They can never take that number away from him,” said Sam Nunberg, who was one of Trump’s early political advisers before they parted ways. “Just psychologically, when you say President [Jimmy] Carter or you say President George H.W. Bush, you think ‘one-term president.’ But if you put the number, 45th president, the connection doesn’t come that fluidly.”

It also may help him avoid a reminder of being a loser.

‘The 45th’: Why Trump is abandoning his iconic brand for a number.

The “Trump” lettering is taken off of the Trump Parc apartment building in Stamford, Conn. Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021. Many of the building’s residents supported the move, in part because they feared the name would drop the value of their homes.

Donald is NOT ‘abandoning’ the name ‘TRUMP'”.  The fact is: people all over the world are taking the name “TRUMP” off of places where they live or things they own.  No one with any brains or sense of self-worth wants to be associated with “TRUMP”.  No one!  (Only his TrumpTurds and dumbshit Republicans.)


Never forget that in South African Kasi slang the numbers 4 and 5 means: PENIS!!

Peepee, 45 (four five) or Ntutu – Penis.

List of South African slang words – Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_South_African…

Trump is a ‘Ntutu’.  He always has been, even before his PENIS days.


Never forget that Donald Trump always was, IS and always will be a BIG ORANGE DICK!


Don’t ever forget that the South Africans performed the FIRST ‘successful’ PENIS TRANSPLANT!

South Africans perform first ‘successful’ penis transplant – BBC … › news › health-31876219

So, there is still a chance that TRUMP will be TRANSPLANTED!  (Hopefully the BIG DICK will be transplanted to a GULAG in Siberia so he can be nearer his MASTER Vladimir Putin, who likes to put IT in him like the little DICK Putin is!)

Stormy Daniels (the porn star who had SEX with Trump while his third wife Melania was having a baby, and spanked Trump with rolled up a magazine) said Trump’s itty bitty dick looked like a Mario Mushroom character!

The Guardian obtained a copy of the [yet-to-be released] book, Full Disclosure, in which she describes their sexual interactions in unfortunate, but politically important detail. His penis is shaped like a toadstool.

  • She describes Trump’s penis as “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small.”
  • “He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…”
  • “I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart…
  • “It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”

Stormy Daniels Says Donald Trump’s Penis Looks Like a Mushroom In New Book

Trumpublicans are just a bunch of fuckers anyway!

BY THE WAY, 45 or Trump or even President Trump “just psychologically” always brings the FACT to mind that Donald J. Trump was a ‘ONE TERM PRESIDENT’ who was IMPEACHED TWICE, and is the only president to have ever been IMPEACHED TWICE!  


No one can ever take that SHAME away from Trump the CHUMP!  Perhaps Trump puts ’45’ on his shirt cuffs and websites and anything else he can, because he’s tired of writing it on his hand with his black Sharpie pen and that’s the ONLY WAY he can remind himself that he stole the election to the presidency (with Russian help).

Donald Trump: America’s 45th President

p.s.  Trump has a dick that is only 4 to 5 inches long when fully erect, and he’s proud of that.  Donald Trump is such a weird DiCKHEAD!  Ask Marco Rubio who told us that Trump has little hands which means he has a little dick, and Marco should know by now because he’s been sucking it along with Ted, Mark, Keith, Mitch and all the other Republican cocksuckers.


‘Stay out of politics,’ Republican leader McConnell tells U.S. CEOs, warns of ‘consequences’.

After new law, McConnell warns CEOs: ‘Stay out of politics’.

McConnell warns CEOs to ‘stay out of politics’.

‘Moscow Mitch’ says that with a STRAIGHT FACE after taking MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from American (and Russian) CEO’s for his own personal re-election efforts.  WHAT A TWO-FACED FOOL!  Too bad BOTH faces look like sick turtles.

Seriously speaking:  REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS ARE LIARS and REPUBLICAN SUPPORTERS are FOOLS!  This is the PROOF!  Trump STEALS money from his people, with the fine print and auto check-marks on his emails begging for contribution, while McConnell tells his supporters to shut-up and just give him their money.  Anyone who goes along with that bullshit is a fucking idiot!!!  If YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN, then YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!  It really is as simple as that.


You Evangelicals and other believers in QAnon who DON’T want to get Vaccinated against Covid-19 … Please DON’T GET VACCINATED!  (Save the vaccines for those of us who want to LIVE).  Catch the Covid-19 virus and DIE you DUMBASS MOTHERFUCKERS.  Do the world a favor and Darwin yourself out of the gene pool you IDIOTS!  That goes DOUBLE for all those FUCKHEADS at FOX, especially Laura Ingraham.

Donald “The DumbShit” Trump and his DumbAss Stooges!

Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan are THE NEW THREE STOOGES!

They are all REPUBLICANS!

More Republicans are STOOGES. 

Because they support the BIGLYEST STOOGE EVER …

… Donald “THE DUMBASS” Trump!

All SUPPORTERS of Donald Trump are STOOGES, dumber than even the original Three Stooges.

All SUPPORTERS of Donald Trump are DUMBER THAN DUMB!  They are the DUMBEST.  They are THE STUPIDS!  They are Trumpubliturds!

Why Christian voters want more politicians like Donald Trump.

Basically, because they are STUPID and believe TRUMP LIES.  (No wonder they give their money to the likes of Frankie Graham, that White woman [Paula Puke] and all the other GOSPEL OF PROSPERITY promoters.)

Mike Lindell Admits MyPillow Can’t Get Back $65M in Revenue Lost Due to Trump Ties.

Aww!  Poor Mikey!  The dumbass!  Wear your CROSS more prominently you DUMB ASS!

and …

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump attended an Easter worship service at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens on Sunday.

“We always welcome everyone to join us at Christ Fellowship in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus,” said senior pastor Todd Mullins. “This year, perhaps more than ever, we hope that Jesus’ message of hope and salvation spreads widely and brings joy to all who hear it.”

Former President Trump and former First Lady attend Easter worship service in Palm Beach Gardens.

IT IS A WONDER THE TRUMPKINS WERE NOT STRUCK BY GOD’S LIGHTNING!  (Did the bigly orange asshole stand by the ‘Christ Fellowship’ sign and hold up a Bible, like he did the LAST TIME he went to a church.)

‘That’s a confession’: Tapper on Trump’s statement on his handling of pandemic.3 hours ago

That’s THE ONLY CONFESSION anyone will ever get from Trump THE LIAR!  You can bet Trump will LIE ABOUT THAT TOO!  That’s all Trump has is LIES!  Even though he is the ONLY PRESIDENT who has been IMPEACHED TWICE, and he LOST 2020 Election so he is a LOSER and no longer the POTUS, THANK GOD!  Trump will always be ‘THE LIAR IN CHIEF’ because he LIES MORE THAN ANYONE EVER HAS and EVER WILL.  (The LIC-spittle!)

Every single word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is a LIE!  Donald J. Trump LITERALLY lies all the time.

THANK GOD THAT LIAR DONALD TRUMP is no longer the president!


p.s.  Hope you all had a Happy Easter everyone!  We have been delivered from that GODDAMN LIAR DONALD TRUMP!

Donald Trump ain’t “Woke” cuz he’s a JOKE!

Donald Trump is a LYING FAKE!

Donald Trump Demands Boycott of Coke, Delta, UPS in Georgia Voter Law Fight.

Trump calls for boycott of more companies over Georgia voting law.

Trump Decries “Cancel Culture,” Calls on Republicans to Boycott More Companies.

Trump expands boycott of ‘woke’ companies that oppose Georgia voting law.

Trump says companies playing to ‘woke cancel culture’ over Ga. election bill, calls for boycott.

Why does ANYONE listen to the LIAR TRUMP?  That’s like INVESTING YOUR LIFE SAVINGS with Bernie Madoff!  BOTH are LIARS!

Donald Trump sends out Easter wishes – and swipes ‘Radical Left CRAZIES’.

BULLSHIT!  Trump “Easter wishes” are BULLSHIT.

He lied to his own FANS to STEAL THEIR MONEY to RUN A FAILED CAMPAIGN then he LIED again about why HE LOST!

Trump LOST because TRUMP IS A LIAR!

Trump used dark patterns to trick supporters into donating millions more than intended.

How Trump Steered Supporters Into Unwitting Donations.

Anyone and EVERYONE who contributed MONEY to TRUMP’s LOSS is a DAMN IDIOT!!!

How much further will fame, spectacle and controversy get Donald Trump?

JUST ASK THE STUPIDS!  They know because they blow!

Trump is a JOKE because Trump ain’t WOKE and doesn’t even know what “Woke” means.

Trump should be in PRISON or a GULAG, or at least GONE!  Along with all his LYING ASS FAMILY!

Happy Easter!

Lindsey Reiser vs. Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Reiser is a FEMALE REPORTER for MSNBC.

Lindsey Graham PRETENDS to be a MALE.

Lindsey Graham also PRETENDS to be a U.S. Senator.

Lindsey is a GIRL’S NAME.

There is ONLY one of those two persons who is a real GIRL.

The one who acts like a girl, or the one who PRETENDS to be a man.


Lindsey Graham is NOT REAL in any sense of the word.

I’m sorry about GAY-BASHING Lindsey Graham, but even his name is a girl’s name.