We really must DUMP TRUMP!

The headline says:

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump’s chaotic strategy is accelerating US losses

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump’s chaotic strategy is accelerating US losses.


Read the article!

London (CNN)  Europe outright rejected US President Donald Trump’s vision of the world this week. Tensions between these historic democratic allies that have been simmering since Trump came to office three years ago have now come to a boil during the coronavirus pandemic.

. . .

Five months into 2020 and it already feels like a new era: now there is only BC and AC — before and after coronavirus. Suddenly the dynamics of almost every single geopolitical dispute are being exacerbated by the pandemic, sharpened by the complexity and urgency of the situation.

. . .

Trump’s comments about the value of ingesting bleach to combat coronavirus, that he later claimed were sarcastic, could perhaps at another time have been brushed off as yet another Trumpian moment. These include his bullying of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2018 at NATO, or his tiff with Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau at the G7 in the same year in Quebec. But now they just sound bizarre from this side of the Atlantic.

. . .

His inconsistent announcements, irascible nature and ill-advised comments, the latest claiming he was taking an unproven and possibly dangerous malaria medication as a Covid-19 prophylactic appear to leave European leaders little choice. They may not trust Xi, but they certainly don’t want Trump to dictate a strategy on the pandemic they believe will infuriate the Chinese Premier.

. . .

Yet with the US presidential election just over five months away, Europe’s decision (and that of more than 120 other nations) at this week’s WHO assembly is also a stark warning for America’s Democrats: lose in November and see Washington’s future influence in the world slip further over the horizon. Four more years of Trump, on his current path, would seem unlikely to reset his post Covid-19 image.

But if Trump wins the argument, and Xi is dealt with by confrontation, then America loses twice.

First, it loses because Xi escapes investigation, won’t admit any wrongdoing, and is unlikely to pay for his mistakes as Trump wants. Secondly Trump loses on the power stakes: Xi in essence, has dragged much of the world into his corner. That’s the Covid-19 effect shift in the power balance.

. . .

The US’s slow disengagement from the world under former president Barack Obama is accelerating under his successor. And unless Democrats regain the White House in November they’ll find some of the levers of power no longer connect with their allies the way they used to.

The real meaning of the headline is that the Coronavirus Pandemic IS changing the world and Trump IS making it worse for US and the United States.

China is probably going to come out of this as THE WINNER, and under Trump the United States is going to clearly be THE LOSER, because Trump is a LOSER!

Everything Trump touches turns to shit!


Trump has the TURD TOUCH!


It is long past time to get rid of Trump if we hope to salvage anything out of the current mess he has caused!








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